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At the following conferences and workshops I have given keynote speeches or invited papers or lectures:

Presentation at the 1st Annual Client Conference of Kings Point Capital Management at the Trump National Doral, Miami, USA, 4-6 October 2013

Organizer: Kings Point Capital Management

Presentation: "Population and Economy. Global demographics and the changing world".

Presentation at the "Berliner Demographie Forum" 9-10 January 2013

Organizers: Allianz AG, Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, Vodafone Stiftung, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin

Panel participant: International Executive Panel „Acting on Demographic Change".

Side Event of the National Population and Family Planning Commission of China on "Population Prospect and Sustainable Development" at the China Pavilion at the Rio+20 conference and workshop at the National School of Statistical Sciences at the Instituto Brasiliero de Geographica e Estatistica (IBGE), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 18-19 June 2012

Organizer: Jiang Weiping, Director General, China Population and Development Research Center

Presentation: "The relevance of population projections: Data, uncertainty, recommendations".

Presentation at Auerbach-Grayson LLC, Advanced Research, New York, NY. 14 June 2012

Organizers: Jonathan L. Auerbach.

Presentation: "The World Population Prospects - Major findings relevant to international investors". [Link]

Presentation and moderated discussion at the Center for  Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. 7 June 2012

Organizers: Richard Jackson, Director and Senior Fellow, Global Aging Initiative; Scott Aughenbaugh, Fellow & Mulitimedia Manager, Seven Revolutions.

Presentation: "The World Urbanization Prospects - Major findings". [Link]

Conference at the U.S. Naval War College on the "Demographic Decline in Asia and the Future of Regional Security", Newport, RI, 24-25 May 2012

Organizer: Toshi Yoshihara, U.S. Naval War College

Presentation: "Strategic Implications of Demographic Change in Asia. Analysis based on the 2010 Revision of the World Population Prospects".

Keynote Presentation at the Morgan Creek Spring Investment Forum - Alternative Thinking About Investments, The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC, 21-22 May 2012

Organizer: Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Special Guest Presentation: "Population Dynamics - Global Demographic Future Trends". [Link]

Breakfast Meeting of the United Nations Population Division at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), 3 May 2012

Organizer: Gerhard K. Heilig, United Nations Population Division

Keynote Presentation at the Strategas' Marco Conference at the New York Athletic Club, 22 March 2012

Organizer: Strategas Research Partners, New York

Presentation: "Mega-trends and Myths of Global Population Change. Presentation based on the 2010 Revision of the World Population Prospects".

Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Demographie zum Thema “Wiederanstieg oder Stagnation der Geburtenrate? Spielräume der Fertilitätsentwicklung und Wandel der Familie” in Berlin, 14-16 March 2012

Organizer: Prof.  Tilman Mayer, Universität Marburg, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie

Presentation: “Fertilitätsdisparitäten auf der Weltbevölkerungsebene – Ergebnisse der 2010er Revision der Weltbevölkerungsschätzung und –prognose der Vereinten Nationen” (Disparities in fertility trends at the global level – Results from the 2010 Revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects).

21st Roundtable of the Austrian Control Bank (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank), Vienna, Austria, 13-16 December 2011

Organizer: Austrian Control Bank (ACB), Vienna, Austria

Presentation: "Results from the 2010 Revision of the World Population Prospects".

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in the Work Session on "Demographic Projections" in Lisbon, Portugal, 28-30 April 2010

Organizer: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Presented paper: "First results of probabilistic population projections for all countries and major geographical regions of the world".

XXVI International Population Conference of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) in Marrakech, Morocco,  27 September to 2 October 2009

Organizer: International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

Paper presented: "The 2008 revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects: challenges in estimating and projecting the world's population" Presented in Session 220 on "Data collection and data quality" on
2 October 2009.

Training course on population estimation and projection problems in developing countries, DFID in Amersham, UK on 18 and 19 June 2009

Organizer: Department for International Development (DFID)

Lecture: Problems in the estimation and projection of population in developing countries: Data availability and quality, uncertainty, methods of fertility and mortality projection.

Invited Seminar Presentation at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resource Management, Zürich, Switzerland, 9 November 2005

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kinzelbach, Institut für Hydromechanik und Wasserwirtschaft, ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg

Presentation: "Kann sich China selbst ernähren? Eine integrierte Analyse". (Can China feed itself?)

Key-Note Speaker at the "21st Century Forum" Sustainable Development - China and the World. Thematic Conference on "Sustainable Development Indicators and Green GDP", Beijing, China, 5-6 September 2005

Organizer: The Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21 (ACCA21); Chinese Society for Sustainable Development (CSSD); EU-China Environmental Management Cooperation Programme (EMCP)

Presentation: "Establishment and Application of Sustainable Development Indicators Systems".

Invited Talk at the 2nd International Conference on the West Development and Sustainable Development, Urumqi, China, 2-5 August 2005

Organizer: Xinjiang Association for Science and Technology and Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Paper presented: "Three Fundamental Problems in China's Regional Development".

Invited Talks and Presentations on "China's Regional Development" at the Following US Institutes,
12 February - 5 March 2005

(1) China Data Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Invited by Dr. Shuming Bao

(2) Harvard University Asia Center, co-sponsored by the Fairbank Center, Cambridge, MA; Invited by Holly Agnell, Ass. Director

(3) Population Reference Bureau (PRB), Washington, DC; Invited by Prof. Carl Haub

(4) The World Bank, Economic Policy, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network, Washington, DC; Invited by Dr. Lili Liu, Lead Economist

(5) International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC; Invited by Stanley Wood, Senior Scientist

(6) Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), The Earth Institute, Columbia University, Palisades, NY; Invited by Dr. Robert Chen

(7) United Nations Population Division / DESA, New York, NY; Invited by Dr. Thomas Buettner, Chief Estimates and Projection Section

Agrarpolitischen Symposium, Internationales Congress Centrum (ICC) Berlin, 21 January 2005

Organizer: Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Mittel- und Osteuropa (IAMO), Halle, Germany

Presentation: "Alterung und Entvölkerung in ländlichen Räumen Europas. Demographische Trends, Konsequenzen, und Gegenmaßnahmen".

Workshop on Urbanization at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 11-16 October 2004

Organizer: Tongji University and Eurasia-Pacific UNINET, Salzburg, Austria.

Keynote Speech: "Is China Facing an Urban Explosion? Trends and scenarios in rural-urban migration".

International Symposium on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in West China, in Xian, China, 21-23 May 2004

Organizer: Associations for Science and Technology of the Provinces Shaanxi, Gansu, and Qinghai, and the autonomous regions of Xinjiang, Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia in cooperation with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

Invited Paper: "Dimensions of Regional Development in China: An investigation of regional diversity with the Regional Analysis and Planning System (RAPS-China)".

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing,
14 - 20 May 2004

Organizer: Prof. Rusong Wang

Invited Lecture: "Dealing with Eco-complexity in China – Social, Economic, Natural Dimensions".

International Workshop: Issues of Sustainable Land Use in European Landscapes. Problems, Conflicts & Solutions, Gödöllö, Hungary, 14-18 April 2004

Organizer: Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management, Szent István University

Paper presented: "Aging and Depopulation in Europe's Rural Areas: Demographic Trends".

China Agricultural University, Beijing, 15-16 December 2003

Organizer: Prof. Cheng Xu, Department of Agro-Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture, College of Agronomy and Bio-Technology

Invited Lecture: "China’s Food Security. Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Symposium on the “Frontier Problems of Human Geography”, University of Nanjing, Nanjing, China,
9-12 December 2003

Organizer: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Department of Urban and Resource Sciences, University of Nanjing

Invited Paper: "RAPS-China: Development of a Regional Analysis and Planning System".

Graduate School for Agricultural and Life Sciences, Depart­ment for Environmental and Biological Engineering, Laboratory for Land Resources Research, University of Tokyo, 17-21 October 2003

Organizer: Prof. Yohei Sato, Dr. Meinhard Breiling

Invited Lecture: "China’s Rural Development: Problems, Analytic Tools and Strategies".

International Symposium on Food Safety: Consumer, Trade, and Regulation Issues, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 8-11 October 2003

Organizer: Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), Zhejiang University, Department of Agricultural Economics

Invited Paper: "Do We Really Care about Food Safety? Facts and Myths about Consumers’ Preferences".

4th ECOLINK Workshop: Eco-Sites, Eco-Centers and the Implementation of European Union Environment and Sustainable Development Policies. Ecosite du Pays de Thau, Meze (Montpellier), France,
17-19 September 2003

Organizer: ECOLINK, a 5th Framework Programme for Research and Development Project

Invited Paper: "Rural Development or Sustainable Development in China: Is China’s Rural Development Sustainable?"

Institute for Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
17-23 December 2002

Organizer: Prof. Xiubin Li, Deputy Director

Invited Lecture: "Dimensions of China’s Food Security. A presentation with the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), Hangzhou, Zhejiang University, China,
10-17 December 2002

Organizer: Prof. Wencong Lu

Invited Lecture: "China’s Food Security. A presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

International Symposium on LUCC Contribution to Asian Environmental Problems. Science Council of Japan, Tokio, 13-15 December 2001

Organizer: Prof. Yohei Sato

Invited Paper: "Land-use Change as a Factor in China’s Food Security".

IIASA-Day in Helsinki, Finland, 4 May  2001

Organizer: Prof. Pekka Kaupi

Invited Presentation: "Changing Land-use and Rural Development: The Case of China and the Case of Europe".

Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 13 February 2001

Organizer: Dr. Stefan Anderberg

Invited Lecture: "IIASA Research on China’s food Security.  Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

China-IIASA Day. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Beijing, China, 5 December 2000

Organizer: Prof. Siwei Cheng

Invited Lecture: "New Types of Decision Support Systems for Political Planners: Using the ChinaFood CD-ROM as an Example".

Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing, China,
27 November 2000

Organizer: Prof. Jikun Huang

Invited Presentation: "The ChinaFood CD-ROM".

University of California, Gifford Center for Population Issues, Davis, USA, 5 May 2000

Organizer: Prof. Cathryn Dewey

Invited Lecture: "Environmental Conditions and Food Security in China".

Workshop on Gridding Population Data. Columbia University, New York, USA, 2-3 May 2000

Organizer: Prof. Cathryn Dewey

Workshop Participation

University of Lund, Sweden, 28 April 2000

Organizer: Prof. Tommy Bengtsson

Invited Presentation: "The ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research, Stockholm, Sweden, 27 April 2000

Organizer: Prof. Uno Svedin

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of ChinaFood CD-ROM".

University of Melbourne, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Melbourne, Australia,
18 April 2000

Organizer: Prof. Michael Webber

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of ChinaFood CD-ROM".

University of Adelaide, National Key-Center for Social Applications in GIS, Adelaide, Australia,
13 April 2000

Organizer: Prof. Graeme Hugo

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? A GIS Assessment. Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Griffith University, Australian Center of the Asian Spatial Invormation and Analysis Network, Brisbane, Australia, 11 April 2000

Organizer: Prof. Larry Crissman

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Environment Australia, Canberra, Australia, 7 April 2000

Organizer: Environment Australia / Dr. Anthony Brinkley (SKM)

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Sinclair, Knight and Merz (SKM), Natural Resource Management, Melbourne, Australia, 3 April 2000

Organizer: Dr. Anthony Brinkley

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Interdiscipliäres Institut für Asienstudien, Vienna, Austria, 28 March 2000

Organizer: Prof. Herwig Palme

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Second World Water Forum and Ministerial Conference, The Hague, Netherlands, 17-22 March 2000

Organizer: World Water Council, Session Organizer: Prof. Rusong Wang

Invited Paper: "Can China Feed Itself? An Analysis of China’s Food Prospects with Special Reference to Water Resources".

United Nations Population Division, Training Meeting on Population, Environment, and Development, New York, USA, 26 January 2000

Organizer: Dr. Joseph Chamie

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Tokio, Japan, 30 November 1999

Organizer: Dr. Koji Nagano

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 26 November 1999

Organizer: Prof. Satoshi Hoshino

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

International Symposium on Soft Science, Guangzou, China, 17-19 November 1999

Organizer: Dr. Wang Yan

Invited Lecture: "An Integrative Assessment of China’s Food Security. Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Seminar on China 2050, University of Turku, Finland, 14 October 1999

Organizer: Prof. Juha Karjalainen

Invited Lecture: "Can China Feed Itself? Presentation of the ChinaFood CD-ROM".

Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), New York, 25-27 March 1999

Organizer: PAA

Conference Paper: "Can China Feed Itself in 2050? New Evidence from Recent Data on Cultivated Land".

23rd General Population Conference. Beijing, China, 10-15 October 1997

Organizer: International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) and State Family Planning Commission of China

Invited Presentation: "The DemoGraphics ’96 Software Package for Population Education and Research".

Scope for Sustainable Food Production in China, Fridtjof-Nansen Institute, Forum for Norwegian China Competence, Oslo, Norway, 10 June 1997

Organizer: Dr. Joerund Buen

Invited Presentation: "How Much Food Will China Need? Results From a Modeling Exercise".


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