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After my retirement from the United Nations Population Division I have started to provide consulting services on all issues related to global population change. I am particularly interested in economic, social, political, geo-strategic and environmental opportunities and risks emerging from the worldwide demographic transitions. Topics include population ageing, urbanization, fertility decline, depopulation, or the relation between population growth and political stability.

In addition to a deep knowledge of demographic theories and methods, I have technical expertise is in the field of software development, particularly in the design of PC- and web-based models and tools. During my professional career at the United Nations and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis I have been leading, and participating in, the development of large-scale research databases in SQL and MS-ACCESS. I have also developed analytical models and tools in VB.NET, C#, "R", Matlab, Java, and other programming environments. My strength is the combination of mathematical / analytical tools with (web-based) visualization and animation.

I am available for consulting projects worldwide. Currently, I am primarily interested in speaking contracts. I have given keynote speeches at international conferences and workshops on various topics related to global population change. It is my ambition to explain the implications of such change to a wider audience of non-demographic professionals. For this purpose I am currently developing various visual aids, such as figures, diagrams, thematic maps and data-generated animations, which attempt to visualize these relationships (for some examples see the PowerPoint presentations on this website).


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